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By downloading and using UltraMFCD (2.7.0) you agree to the following legalese:

  1. Not to copy, transmit or disseminate any aspect or component of UltraMFCD (2.7.0) to parties other than yourself.
  2. Not to reverse engineer, hack or tamper with any aspect of UltraMFCD (2.7.0).
  3. To allow UltraMFCD (2.7.0) to contact upon startup.
  4. UltraMFCD (2.7.0)'s developers are not responsible for any damage caused though use of the program. You use this software at your own risk.
  5. In the instance of your emailing, posting or otherwise transmitting to fe23 (UltraMFCD's creators) the data generated via the "Generate diagnostics package" feature, you consent that this data may, although not in all instances, inadvertently contain information that may contain your real name. This is a feature of the information collected by DCS's logging system (see C:\Users\<yourusername>\Saved Games\DCS\Logs\DCS.log), and only occurs when you have used your real name as your username in Windows. The "Generate diagnostics package" output generated by UltraMFCD is never transmitted to fe23 automatically or without the user's consent, and is securely encrypted in such a manner that it can only be read by fe23. fe23 will destroy any data received via this mechanism as soon as it has been utilised to diagnose problems with UltraMFCD's functioning.

Have Fun:

Settings from previous versions of UltraMFCD will be retained and automatically upgraded.

Download UltraMFCD (2.7.0) for DCS 1.5+ and DCS 2.0+ NTTR

2.7.0 Changelog

  1. NEW: F-15C TEWS (RWR) export now included. (Note: Will not function on multiplayer servers where "Seonsor Export" is disabled.)
  2. IMPROVED: Better handling of notifications regarding DCS settings.
  3. FIXED: Serious crash where uMFCD would complain about "MonitorSetup.lua" and "SharpDX.Desktop.DLL" now, finally, resolved.

2.6.7 Changelog

  1. FIXED: Flickering CDU/RWR in A-10C.
  2. CHANGED: All displays now utilise latest code developed for CDU.
  3. IMPROVED: Smoother framerate and more sensible yielding to DCS (frame dropping) when GPU at 100% load.
  4. FIXED: A-10A now works as expected.
  5. FIXED: Issue where scaling option in Windows Display Settings caused displays to render incorrectly.
  6. FIXED: Ka-50 displays now resizable in both width and height independent of preset aspect ratio.

2.5.6 Changelog

  1. FIXED: Kneeboard reintroduced.
  2. FIXED: Keybindings now work again.
  3. FIXED: UltraMFCD windows disappearing when viewing DCS FPS data (Ctrl-Break).
  4. Changed: "Hide displays when outside DCS" now defauts to off.
  5. FIXED: UltraMFCD now passes multiplayer integrity checks. (Except for colour LITENING functionality. This is a legitimate unfair advantege in multiplayer, so allowing this change should be at the discretion of server admins.)
  6. FIXED: Mission start dialogs no longer invisible during cold start and certain multiplayer senarios.
  7. FIXED: Display buttons now work in multiplayer.
  8. FIXED: Ka-50 Shkval now respects request for no cockpit rendering in DCS 2.x NTTR.
  9. Improved: Better FPS when graphics card close to 100% load.
  10. FIXED: Strange behaviour of mouse pointer fixed. This is a kludge of a fix in DCS which coincidentally broke uMFCD.
  11. NEW: Support for Su-25T, Su-27, Su-33, Mig-29A/G/S & F-15C
  12. NEW: Improved CDU graphics.
  13. NEW: Added "Show Test Displays" for debugging purposes.
  14. FIXED: Touchscreen users no longer experience double-click.
  15. FIXED: Multiplayer briefing screen now displays reliably.
  16. FIXED: Changing aircraft in multiplay now possible without exiting server.
  17. FIXED: Quit dialog now visible after aircraft descruction.
  18. UN-BROKEN: Displays visible on mission restart.

2.5.5 Changelog

  1. Reintroduced: A-10C's RWR, Clock and CMSC.
  2. Reintroduced: KA-50's Shkval and ABRIS.
  3. FIXED: Now works with DCS 1.5.5 and DCS 2.0.4 NTTR.
  4. FIXED: Windows 7 "black screens" problem solved.
  5. FIXED: UltraMFCD now works with low/medium water settings, HDR enabled and Lens Effects enabled.
  6. FIXED: KA-50 warning panel no longer renders within Shkval and ABRIS exports.
  7. Improved: Simplified core engine. Places much less strain on DCS.
  8. Improved: Smoother rendering of exported displays.
  9. Improved: Overall stability better. Complicated behind-the-scenes changes to how DCS and uMFCD communicate should result in fewer crashes.
  10. Improved: Vastly better error handling. Much higher probability of uMFCD producing a Diagnostics Package that is useful for solving problems.

Known issues

  1. Air/ground unit labels (Shift-F10) do not display properly.
  2. TGP image doesn't update when in external views (F2 etc). This is because DCS itself no longer updates the TGP when you're "outside" the cockpit.
  3. DCS kneeboard renders incorrectly.

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Beta Builds

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Display Exports

A-10C Clock
Su-27 & Su-33
F-15C Radar

In Development

3rd-party API
Custom moving map
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