Frequently Asked Questions

What is UltraMFCD?

UltraMFCD is an addon app for Digital Combat Simulator by Eagle Dyamics. The app extracts an aircraft's computer diplays from the simulator and presents them as normal windows which can be dragged around and resized as the user desires - all without restarting the simulator.

Do I have to configure DCS or edit configuration files?

Absolutely not! UltraMFCD is completely automatic in its operation. Simply launch the app then fly.

Multi-monitor support? Do UltraMFCD's displays have to be on the same monitor as DCS?

No, you can drag the exported displays to any monitor connected to your machine.

Which aircraft does UltraMFCD work with?

UltraMFCD works with the A-10C, Ka-50, Su25T, Su-27, Su-33, Mig-29A/G/S and F-15C.

Will UltraMFCD affect my framerate?

Yes. There is, until DCS 2 is released, an unavoidable yet small processing overhead when extracting the displays from the simulator. We have provided an FPS control so as to alleviate the framerate hit while flying the simulator. If you experience an unusual degradation in framerate, please let us know. We're always striving to improve the quality and experience of uMFCD.

Spoiler: We anticipate that the framerate hit will disappear completely with future versions of DCS.

On the upside: Certain users with complex multi-monitor setups have reported an increase in framerate resulting from it no longer be necessary to configure DCS to cover all connected monitors; only those required for the cockpit view.

Is UltraMFCD free?

At the moment, yes.

In order for us to continue to ensure the quality of uMFCD and add new features in the future, there will be a small fee for the full version of the software. This is estimated to be GBP 9.99 (our exchange rates in the UK changed quite suddenly recently). This fee will cover the software as is at the time of purchase and all future updates. A 30-day, full-feature trial will be available so you can determine whether UltraMFCD is right for you.

Does uMFCD support fullscreen mode?

Short answer: It will soon. Given that DCS 2 will likely use DirectX 10 or 11, it would be a waste of time and resources to write fullscreen code against the sim's current DirectX 9 incarnation - only to be forced to rewrite the entire fullscreen module once DCS 2 is released.

Does uMFCD cooperate with other mods such as Helios or DCS Bios?

Absolutely! During the early part of 2015, we put considerable effort in to rendering interoperability between UltraMFCD and other mods as transparent as possible.

With thanks to i3dman, here is a screenshot of UltraMFCD and Helios running on a HUGE multi-monitor setup. (6224 x 1224 pixels. You will need to click-zoom and scroll in your browser.)

Will I be able to use uMFCD on my phone or tablet?

This feature is definitely a part of our development roadmap. We've already trialled such functionality at the R&D level, with the high standard of results you would expect from UltraMFCD.

What are the hardware requirements?

These should be broadly similar to those of DCS itself. Again, if you notice anything untoward with your setup, please let us know.

Latest Version
(for DCS 1.5+ & 2.0+ )



Beta Builds

Available here.

Display Exports

A-10C Clock
Su-27 & Su-33
F-15C Radar

In Development

3rd-party API
Custom moving map
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